MUSIC CLASSES! Sign up for private music classes. Classes are one on one for students of any age. We offer lessons in guitar, violin, piano, viola, fiddle or voice. Check out our Music Page to find out pricing, lesson availability, or other requirements. CALL 208-883-5720 TO REGISTER TODAY

Donate To Fiddlehead Center of the Art
Consider making a tax deductible donation to help support our recent move. Any amount is appreciated. Please consider asking your employers to donate to Fiddlehead. The move to the new space will be costly and we are looking to help ease the burden of renovations with the help from our amazing community.


UNLIMITED BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL CARE: We still have openings for students in Kindergarten through 5th Grade for our before and after school program.  Buses are available from Eight Corners and Wentworth Schools. Find out more by checking out our Unlimited Before and After Care page.

After School Art • Language • Science

Discover the variety of after school classes we offer. Enroll by the class or join our Unlimited program and take the bus to us each day.

Private Music Lessons

Registering now for music lessons! We offer piano, guitar, fiddle, violin, and vocals.

No School Days

Join us for No School Days! Come experience the fun our wonderful instructors have in store!


A Letter from the President

In a time when funding for arts education is being drastically reduced, never has it been more important for our community to have an organization that provides instruction and opportunities in the visual and performing arts and sciences. Through the arts, we learn to be creative, understand different perspectives, problem solve, experiment, discover, and gain confidence which in turn enriches our society. Music and art are universal languages that are understood by all cultures of the world.

Fiddlehead Center for the Arts-Scarborough has been providing these opportunities since its doors opened in 2005. Expanding over the years, Fiddlehead programs now include private music lessons, daytime, homeschool, preschool, and evening arts classes, an after school arts enrichment program, and an arts based summer day camp. These programs are vital to the creative development of our children and community.

I would like you to consider the value of the arts to our community at large. As a non-profit 501c-3 organization, Fiddlehead Center for the Arts-Scarborough cannot continue to pursue its mission alone. Please help us carry on by making a tax deductible donation today. Your generosity will make a positive impact by enabling us to continue to provide opportunities for exploration and the expression of students’ creative, inquisitive, and artistic sides. Every donation, regardless of size, makes a difference.

Thank you in advance for your commitment to support the efforts of Fiddlehead Center for the Arts-Scarborough to continue making a difference in our community.

Sincerely yours,

Karyn MacLeod, President

Fiddlehead Center for the Arts-Scarborough